Atlas Waterproof Case For Kindle Fire HDX 7 By Incipio Black

Atlas Waterproof Case for Kindle Fire HDX 7 by incipio Black

The incipio atlas ultra rugged waterproof case for amazon kindle fire hdx 7 provides next level tablet protection,its co molded with shock absorbent materials to defend against water, dirt,dust and shock.The atlas case is designed with a built in screen protector for optical clarity and protection, while maintaining a fully functional touchscreen kindle experience.With complete access to all ports and controls, the atlas case is made to go wherever your kindle fire hdx goes.

  • The first ever certified “Made for Kindle” waterproof case for the All New Kindle Fire HDX 7″ will only fit All New Kindle Fire HDX 7″
  • Waterproof up to 6 feet (for 30 mins)
  • Multiple layers of defense provide protection against water, dirt and drops
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty against water damage caused by defects
  • Rugged styling designed to withstand a variety of conditions

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Maximum Defense

Waterproof Case is waterprooffor kindle fire hdx

The ATLAS® Waterproof Case is waterproof up to 6ft for 30 minutes, with an Ingress Protection rating of IP68. Shock absorbent materials combine to create a protective shell for your device, and enjoy complete access to all ports and controls. Military standard tested and passed for waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, the ATLAS® case is built to withstand the toughest spills and drops.

1-Year Device Limited Warranty

This rugged offering also includes a revolutionary 1-Year Device Limited Warranty (US only)! Formal terms and conditions at

Features kindle fire hdx

  • Rugged Plextonium™ frame and supportive Flex20™ materials with a shock absorbing interior
  • Rigid safety screen provides a seamless touchscreen experience
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Waterproof up to 2m (6.6 ft) for 30 minutes with an Ingress Protection rating of IP68
  • Military standard tested and passed for waterproof, shockproof and dustproof
  • 1 Year Limited Device Warranty
Specs kindle fire hdx
  • Length: 7.92 inches (201.17 mm)
  • Width: 5.52 inches (140.21 mm)
  • Depth: 0.78 inches (19.81 mm)
About Incipio

Incipio® is a Southern California based designer and manufacturer of award winning mobile device accessories. Established in 1999, Incipio® is widely recognized for consistently creating ingenious protective solutions for the mobile world. Through an untiring commitment to innovative and original designs, Incipio® is globally recognized for the functional and premium accessories the brand produces without the lofty price tag.

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10 thoughts on “Atlas Waterproof Case For Kindle Fire HDX 7 By Incipio Black”

  1. When I bought my Kindle Fire, I ordered one of the origami cases. While I like it, the Fire is a community device, used by everyone in the family, including a ten-year-old and a five-year-old. They’re good with it, but I thought something sturdier would be nice, especially for the younger one, to help protect the device against falls and sticky fingers.

    Installing the Kindle into the device is no mean feat. First you have to peel back the outer bumper, which took some digging my nails into the edges to get enough of a hold to separate the two. Then the frame has to be pulled apart in half. A small tool that looks something like a guitar pick comes along with the device, and it does make separating it easier as it slips into the crack between the frame’s two halves and makes it possible to pry them apart. This is still easier said than done, though. I had to pretty much go around the frame and separate each segment one at a time.

    Now, given that the case is waterproof, I’m not quibbling with the necessity of having to do this. I understand it requires some doing to get a good seal in order to protect the device. However, it does make the case harder to work with and not as user friendly as some other cases.

    Once I got the device in, I then had to go around the entire frame and snap each individual joint together. Some were easier than others, and it did take a few minutes to get this done. Then the outer bumper had to be stretched around the frame, which was okay.

    The real downside occurred when I started using the Fire. The slightest gap exists between the case’s window and the Fire, which means the touch screen loses a lot of its sensitivity. Trying to navigate the carousel was something of a feat, and several times an app I didn’t want opened because of the loss of touch-screen sensitivity. I tried playing games and writing a Goodreads review, and it was the Goodreads review that really did me in. The game was hard to maneuver too, but while trying to use Swype to write the review, I repeatedly lost contact with the Kindle screen and ended up with a bunch of gibberish. After having the device in the case for only a matter of hours, I’m ready to pry it apart and put my Kindle back in the origami case.

    If you’re looking for a case to safeguard your Kindle while you read in the tub or for use at the beach, I think this one would probably do the job. You don’t need a lot of sensitivity to flip pages, and a case like this offers far more protection from water and sand than does a standard case. Because of this, I plan to keep the case as a backup for such situation. However, for everyday use, this case is too cumbersome.

  2. I bought this case for my mom as she is an avid reader and is always complaining that she is nervous to take her Kindle to the Beach or near the tub in fear of getting sand or water on it. I can not begin to describe how happy she is to have this case and takes it with her everywhere. After accidentally dropping her Kindle ( with case on) in the tub she is a true believer! Its lightweight to hold, truly waterproof, and easy to read the screen. Its even durable enough for when my kids get their hands on her Kindle and accidentally drop it.

    Look no further… this is the case to get for your Kindle device.

  3. A sturdier case is important for me as I cram the HDX into a backpack with a ton of other stuff that gets a frequent pack/unpack at airports. I mainly worry about compression fractures of the screen caused by hurried packing or drops of the backpack.

    A testing lab would be needed to validate the claims Incipio makes for this case. That said, I am persuaded by the MIL-STD-810G ruggedness claims, and I suspect that getting this certification is part of the comparatively higher cost compared to other devices.

    The specific tests listed on the package were for Waterproofing at up to 6 ft for 30 minutes (Method 512.5 Procedure), Shock (Transit Drop Method 516.6 Procedure IV.4ft), and dust protection (Method 510.5, dust only).

    Some obvious features to report:
    – It is slightly harder to use the stock touch keyboard because of the bumpers.
    – The screen protector that’s built-in works very well
    – As with all cases, it makes the tablet significantly bigger (heavier, but not significantly IMHO). That should not be a surprise.
    – It comes with a 1 year device limited warranty if you register.
    – The access covers for the charging port and headphone jack are much better than on other cases I’ve seen. I think they’ll hold up, as this could be a concern as charging port will get used the most.

    So much for the case itself. I’m glad to have it and will definitely use it, especially for travel. It sets a sturdiness benchmark against which to compare other cases.

    The packaging design leaves much to be desired. That the cardboard box requires more than 30 seconds of attention is a tipoff of what is to come. There is a teeny instruction card, but it’s stuck inside the dust cloth plastic envelope, and is in very small font. (Because the envelope holds the dust cloth and nothing but, you wouldn’t expect installation instructions there, but you will wish you hadn’t if you missed that little scrap of paper.) As others here mention, opening the thing to insert the Kindle, even with the guitar pick (medium grade, if you play guitar), is none too easy the first time. The pick is used to pry open one of the snaps on a corner; there’s no “release” per se.

    I resorted to a YouTube video, which I couldn’t find at (see next pgh). That said, once you’d done it, the next time will be easier, unless you will have forgotten. (If this were a tablet with a memory card in it, you would be reluctant to swap it frequently.) And the oddest packaging design choice of all — the manual is stuck inside the closed case, which is why it’s no help getting the case open for the first use. Lastly, I’m not sure where to stick the dust cloth and pick; it would be nice if the case had a spot for them. Search for Incipio – ATLAS

  4. I can see where this might be useful in a white water rafts or on a kayak but if you’re just wanting to read while in the tub a gallon Ziploc bag works really well (so that you can still fit it in your bag when you go out later). I’m just saying…

  5. I bought the Atlas Waterproof case for my Kindle Fire HDX 7″ because I like to read while I’m soaking in the tub. This case is very good for that purpose, but I don’t like it for everyday use.

    Positives –
    1) The case seems to be well constructed, and it probably meets its waterproof claims. Like most of the other reviewers, I’m not willing to risk my Kindle Fire HDX just for the sake of testing this case.
    2) It is far easier to view my Kindle while it is in this case than when it was in the zip-top baggies that I have been using around water.
    3) The price has dropped to less than 1/2 the hundred-dollar cost that some reviewers quoted.

    Negatives –
    1) I have large hands, but the edges of the case just don’t feel right when I’m holding my Kindle in it. Since the case does not have any type kick-stand, you will be holding it much of the time.
    2) Large “bubbles” have formed between parts of my Kindle’s screen and the cover / screen protector after a few hours. The only way that I’ve found to get rid of them has been to remove the cover of the case, and then re-install it. I have followed the included instructions to the letter, and I’ve tried cleaning the Kindle’s screen with optic cleaning fluid before snapping the screen cover on the case. Unfortunately, the problem has recurred, and the bubbles make view thing on the Kindle almost impossible.

    Bottom line – This case is the best solution that I’ve found for wet or messy environments (kitchens, garages, pools, etc.), but it is not suitable for everyday use in typical conditions. I’m going back to my origami case unless I’m climbing into the tub for a looooong soak.

  6. UPDATE (August 2014): At $25 this case is a steal. It isn’t perfect (I’ve noticed that the screen protector doesn’t seal to the Kindle screen like the Moshi screen protectors), but at $25 you get really good protection against the elements (and the occasional drop). In fact, it’s now my case of choice on my HDX 7 (having ditched the Origami case). At $100, this was vastly overpriced; at $25 it’s a steal. Take a chance, I don’t think you’ll regret it. Did I mention that at $25 it’s a steal…?

    Think of an OtterBox Defender Standing Case for Kindle Fire HDX 7″, Black without a cover/stand, add an internal rubber seal and rubber plugs (for the Kindle’s external headphone and charging ports) to make the case waterproof, and what you have is this case.

    The “come on” for this case is that it waterproofs your Kindle (the packaging says it does so up to a depth of 6 feet for 30 minutes). Given that no one was willing to give/lend me a Kindle to check (I certainly wasn’t going to use mine) I have no idea if the case is truly waterproof. But every indication leads me to believe it would be. I feel silly writing this, but I think it necessary: “waterproof” does not mean “float.” Drop your Kindle in the water and it might not fry, but it also won’t float.

    The Kindle fits snugly into the case and the case halves snap together tightly and flawlessly. The Kindle’s power and volume buttons are covered by nice rubber covers that do not interfere in any way with their function. The integrated screen protector is crystal clear and does not interfere with the touchscreen. Popping open the case is similar to the Otterbox method, but as the case is waterproof the snaps are more tightly snapped. You really do need the provided guitar pick to open the case. The rubber bumper is nice and fits as it should. Of great importance to me is the case’s weight. I had the impression it was going to triple the weight of the Kindle. But it doesn’t; it weighs about the same as the Kindle (doubling the weight). In the end, it feels nice and “right.”

    This Atlas Kindle case is a really nice case, but I’m not sure there’s a market for it (especially at a $100 price point). Do people take/use their Kindles in conditions that require this? Maybe, but I don’t think the number is that high. Maybe that’s why the case costs so much (an economy of scale sort of thing). The price might actually also be a self-fulfilling prophecy: with the case costing half of what a Kindle costs I’m sure a number of “on the fence” buyers get off the fence pretty quickly. So we wind up with a unhelpful loop: the price is high because there are so few buyers, but there are so few buyers because the price is so high. That’s a shame; at $50 this would be a 5-star case that would be worth every penny. In the end, you get pretty much the same level of device protection (minus waterproofing) from the Otterbox case I mentioned above for $30 less (or more if you buy from an Amazon Seller third party).

  7. We live only about a mile from Lake Michigan, so a case that is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof is something that interested us. Made by Incipio specifically for the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ this Atlas Waterproof Case could prove to be a real leap forward in media device protection.

    The case is packaged nicely in a cardboard box with a front flap that provides some technical information and 3-step instructions titled “How to Open Your New Atlas Waterproof Case.” After pulling the case out of the box it was very apparent that it was going to take more than the 3-step instructions printed on the inside cover of the box to figure out how to prepare this case for entombing my Kindle Fire HDX. This wasn’t going to be a simple slip in and snap shut process. The Atlas case also comes with a micro fiber cleaning cloth which I thought was a great accessory.

    I couldn’t find any additional instructions after searching through the box, so I decided to check to see if there was a video on-line that could help with the installation process. Eureka! I found a very helpful step-by-step video available on YouTube for this waterproof case (Search: Atlas Waterproof Case for Kindle Fire HDX 7). One of the more critical pieces of information I discovered by watching the video was that there is a “removal tool” tucked into the side bottom left corner of the case for opening the case. According to the video, a guitar pick could also be used in the event you break the “removal tool” (Uh-Oh!) and it also shows you how and where to place your fingers to separate the case by hand instead of using a tool. I won’t go into any more details about installing the Kindle Fire HDX since the video does a good job of doing that; though I was still curious if there was supposed to be paper instructions included in the box.

    The Atlas case is a very nice looking, comes in two colors (Black & Purple/white ~ mostly white) and is much sturdier than many of the other cases made for the Amazon Kindle. According to the information printed inside the box, the “Co-molded PC/TPU shell provides multiple layers of protection” and its “Rugged styling [is] designed to withstand a variety of conditions.” After installing the Kindle Fire HDX into the case, I had no doubt that their “ULTRA-RUGGED” claim was accurate. The following is the information provided to support the manufacturer’s claim that this case is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof:


    1. Waterproof up to 6 feet for 30 minutes
    2. IP68 Ingress Protection Rating
    3. Tested and Passed MIL-STD-810G Method 512.5 Procedure


    1. Rigid Plextonium Polycarbonate, supportive TPU, and shock absorbent material combine to create a protective shell for your device
    2. Tested and Passed MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6 Procedure IV 4 foot (Transit Drop)


    1. IP68 Ingress Protection Rating
    2. Tested and Passed MIL-STD-810G Method 510.5 Procedure I Dust only
    3. EVA and silicone gaskets around essential ports restrict entry of dust and dirt

    Once I had the Kindle Fire HDX completely installed into the case, which was pretty easy (I used the video rather than the paper instructions), I began checking out the case seal and port caps, making sure everything was tightly closed. The design of this Atlas case is excellent and the multiple snaps in the case edges that secure the two sides snapped together without any problems; re-installing the rubber bumper gasket around the case was also a snap. The rubber bumper gasket does a nice job of not interfering with the Kindle’s screen; I was concerned it would cover up some of the screen edges making the viewing area smaller, but it doesn’t. I was also pleased to see that the addition of the cover did not substantially increase the weight, though there is obviously some additional bulk added; I didn’t find this bothersome. The Kindle turned on and off with only slightly more pressure than without the case. The most noticeable affect I found on the Kindle Fire was the lessening of the touchscreen sensitivity. It wasn’t bad, but it took some getting used to before I could touch and swipe without thinking much about what I was doing.

    The Atlas Waterproof Case comes with a 1-year Device LIMITED Warranty that requires device registration for the warranty to be in effect. The Incipio website has more information about the warranty as well as additional videos and product use and care recommendations. I highly recommend visiting the website. Oh, by the way, as indicated above I did finally find the written instructions. They were stored inside the “sealed” case. This is not the most logical place to put the instructions for opening a case; especially for one as technically involved as this one was.

    I think it was not knowing up front exactly what was going to be involved in installing my Kindle in this Atlas Waterproof Case that made the process slower and more difficult than I expected. But once it was completed I was very happy with the results. The case is beautiful and my Kindle Fire HDX 7″ is secure and waterproof and has worked just as advertised.

  8. YES, this case is perfect for outdoor activities. It keeps out rain, sweat, condensation, and water from swimming pools, lakes, rivers, fishing holes, swamps and waterfalls to salty ocean waves. It is easy to wipe off sunscreen lotions and sprays, sand, dust, mud, bugs, fishing bait, pollen or just plain outdoor grime. THIS CASE IS ALSO PERFECT FOR INDOORS! Not just for bubble baths, though. COOKING with your Kindle cookbooks WITH THIS CASE ON YOUR KINDLE lets you simply wipe off flour, sugar, olive oil, panko or anything else that ends up on your Kindle (was that from your fingers, or did it just splatter, somehow?) CRAFTING, REPAIRS, LAUNDRY, CLEANING, MAKEUP, EATING OR DRINKING…. and if you have kids, EVEN MORE!

  9. While I don’t plan to test the waterproof design of this case by submerging my Kindle Fire in 6 feet of water, the tight fit and rugged case design lend credence to the claim. That and the one-year warranty should make pool and beach goers comfortable using their Fire near if not actually in the water.

    Overall, I have been reasonably pleased with the product, which adds protection without adding significant weight; however, I do have one serious complaint. The product came with reasonably detailed instructions on installing and removing the case, but neglected to mention one vital piece of information. After carefully cleaning my Kindle’s screen with the cleaning cloth included and struggling to install the case, I immediately noticed air bubbles under the membrane that protects the screen. I checked the company’s website to see if I could find information about how to resolve the problem, but did not find anything useful. After removing and re-installing the case four or five times, I was about to give up hope, but decided to give it one last try after cleaning my Kindle with an alcohol swab.

    Cleaning with alcohol did the trick immediately, although it is still difficult to make sure that that there is absolutely no dust on the device or membrane prior to installation. Incipio could have very substantially improved my experience by simply recommending that the user swab their Kindle screen with alcohol prior to installation. While the case is not quite as difficult to install as some other options on the market, it still isn’t how you want to spend your Saturday night.

    Incipio could also improve the product by adding a kickstand for easy movie viewing or surfing. If it were an option I would certainly consider buying an add-on kickstand.

    Three stars.

    See the comments to this review for links to information about Military Specification MIL-STD-810G and IP ratings.

  10. Fits the new Kindle HDX perfectly and secures it in its own cocoon. You also get an awesome warranty with it, that it can when used properly and sealed be underwater for 30 minutes up to 6 ft (I think) and should survive a drop of 4 ft. If it doesn’t, the case comes with an application you put on your kindle that you can file a claim with.

    I have seen keep looking cases in Walmart, Shopko and Target for significantly.more money and are not even made for this model, but say they are. This one rocks, and a great color selection. I picked purple. Very easy to use the volume and on off switch through the plastic case. Just perfect.

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