Kindle Fire HDX User Guide: Newbie To Expert In 2 Hours

At Last, the Only Manual You Need to Discover and Use Your kindle fire HDX Like a Pro

Kindle Fire HDX Like a Pro

This is it! From the Number 1 Amazon Best Selling authors in Computers and Technology comes the amazon kindle fire manual that should have been in the box. Everything you need to know about using your kindle fire HDX tablet explained simply and clearly. No matter what your skill level is, this Amazon e-Book will take you from newbie to expert in just 2 hours.

Kindle Fire HDX Like a guide

User Guide AND Tips, Tricks and Secrets the kindle fire HDX It’s all here.

Kindle Fire HDX Like the guide

This comprehensive user guide has it all from simple step by step instructions for the beginner, to expert tips and tricks for the advanced user,the this in the amazonin kindle fire HDX amazon e-Book is for everyone.

About the Authors

Tom and Jenna Edwards are the Amazon Tech authors behind the Number 1 Bestselling e-book 250+ Best Kindle Fire HD Apps for the new kindle fire HDX the owner.

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10 thoughts on “Kindle Fire HDX User Guide: Newbie To Expert In 2 Hours”

  1. I am 68 years old and definitely a newbie. I have learned so much reading this book. After I read a chapter, I try it on my Kindle. I just skipped the chapters that I wouldn’t use but of course they are still there for me to come back to at a later date. Thanks so much for this book.

  2. Excellent user guide very informative . However it took me a lot longer than 2 hours to read it and take it all in would definitely recommend the book to a new use of the Kindle Fire HDX

  3. Learned a few features I didn’t already know. Very helpful for those new to Kindle. This should be standard with every Kindle.

  4. From start to finish this guide has useful tips. I’m keeping it close enough to refer back to it whenever I have questions. Easy to understand with relavant illustrations.

  5. Expecting to find this book full of helpful tips and tricks, I was suprised upon reaching the end to see that it provides almost no new information whatsoever.

    The sections that include screenshots are disjointed and lack cohesion, while those that could benefit most from them are completely lacking (the email setup category is a big offender here). Yes, it costs the author a few pennies more to include more images in a book, which is likely why they are deficient here. Chapters follow roughly along with the user manual preloaded on the HDX, but again, they provide almost no new information. The last section of the book is more concerned with selling you accessories for your HDX than anything else. All in all, this book smells terribly of a quick and cheap attempt to make a few bucks, and though pretty in the design and flowery language, lacks enough value to be worth the price.

  6. I spent two hours reading this, and I have to say it was time well spent. it was well written and enjoyable to read. as well as being very informative. check it out.

  7. Especially helpful for discovering anything “not front door” type of thing you need/want to do.

    Highly recommended for once you get going on simple things like email or movies or books – opened up the Kindle for lots of other uses which one might not expect could be done on the Kindle. Kindle is mostly a fully functioning Android device, but it takes a bit of exploring to find out what it can do and how to do it. This book guides you on that adventure.

  8. I bought this to help me figure out my new Kindle Fire HDX, but it hasn’t helped at all. I learn by solving problems when they pop up. Like how do I get firefox on here? What about blocking ads? This book isn’t arranged like that. Very frustrating and hard to use.

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