How To Buy A Tablet

Regardless of how you plan on using your tablet, here  what you should know before making a decision.

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As with most device types, the first thing to figure out when shopping for a tablet is how exactly you re going to use it. Whatever that consists of, it likely have a direct correlation to how big a tablet you should buy.


Small tablets are about portability Small kindle paperwhite HD tablets, or those with 7 to 8 inch screens, are the most portable of the bunch.

Theyre the most likely to fit into a handbag or pants pocket, and they the easiest to use with one hand if youre out and about. That makes them natural fits for those who intend on using their tablet like a beefed up e-reader.

They re typically more affordable than any larger counterparts, too. The downside is that theyre usually weaker than their large screen brethren. That, combined their lessened real estate, means they arent ideal for getting any serious work done.

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You get a small tablet if you want more space for casual media consumption than a big smartphone can provide, but still value some semblance of portability. Or, if you just have small hands. If you shopping down here, though, it really is worth considering whether or not a large phone like the iPhone 6s Plus or Nexus 6P could suffice.

9 to 10 inch tablet are the most well rounded Apple iPad Air 2, $419.83, available at Amazon.

Best Buy Medium size tablet, or those with 9 to 10 inch screens, are generally the best choice for most people. There a clear distinction between them and so called phablets  browsing the web, watching movies, reading magazines, and playing games is simply more luxurious with that much more space.

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If you ve cut the cord and hope to treat your slate like a portable TV, this is the way to go. And if you stick to word processing or other lighter tasks, their typically stronger internals kindle fire HD allow them to have some sort of productivity bent as well.

Though they not quite 1:1 laptop replacements. You need to free up both hands to use them more often than not, but if you keep them around the house where they belong, thats of tablet not unbearable.